The Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes for Edit and Combat Training

Improve your game with these training courses fortnite

  • Below are some of the best creative maps for improving your building, editing, and combat skills. I've been practicting with these and am seeing positive results in my gameplay.
3-in-1 edit course by Candook
  • Code: 8562-8348-9428
  • Run through:
  • Description: I've been running this course to practice my edits to improve my consistency and speed.
Combat Training by Geerzy
  • Code: 3443-2839-6606
  • Run through:
  • Description: This is the best course I have found for combat training so far. There are directions throughout the course that takes you through a series of build batter training, AR target practice, shotgun flick practice, sniper training and more.
World Cup Warmup by Wizzite
  • Code: 2898-9172-7504
  • Run through:
  • Description: I haven't played this one as much but it is a very good and challeging edit course mixed with some great late game training where you need to build tunnels while being shot by sentries.
Ultimate Warm-up Course by Selage
  • Code: 6855-7619-4769
  • Run through:
  • Description: This one is super casual and has a mix of building, editing and combat training. It is more open ended and has a lot of space to do whatever you really want.
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Colin McAtee

1 minute read. Published on 06/23/2019